15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

couple costume ideas for halloween

Halloween is upon us, guys.

It is always so thrilling for us to try out some new costumes every year and this one is no different.

The latest trend comes directly from our favorite movies like Chucky or TV series like Stranger Things (my hubby is secretly aiming for the ‘Hopper’ look).

Anyways, whether you will choose a creative costume or a bone-chilling one, let me give you some of the best Halloween costume ideas you can wear for this year:

#1 Mike and Eleven

If you’re fans of the show like we do, this ‘Mike and Eleven’ Halloween costume for couples is our favorite yet.

 Having the ‘awkward teen’ look of Mike isn’t too difficult to mimic if you have the right clothes and the iconic backpack.

For Eleven, we love the attention to detail on the clothing as well as the short hair wig.

And let’s not forget the little touch of blood coming out of her nose. 

Popular Halloween Costumes for Couple

Check out how you can dress up the same by following the DIY Tutorial here.

#2 Chucky and Bride of Chucky

Since the new reboot of our favorite killer doll, Chucky is out in theatres, a Chucky-based Halloween costume is still relevant nowadays.

Our second favorite couple costume idea would be to dress up as Chucky and his bride, to frighten off the little children outside. Lol.

Popular Halloween Costumes for Couple

#3 Superman and Lois Lane

Oh, this is an instant classic.

If you’re into comics, your hubby can go for the ‘man of steel’ look, while you dress up as smart investigative reporter Lois Lane.

We love that you do not really need a full-on Superman costume, which can be quite tedious with the tight (and hot!) body costume. Let’s not forget minding your step with the long cape as well.

A simple Sups’ undershirt, appearing barely out of your regular shirt is easy and iconic.

The investigative reporter look can be a formal work attire, accompanied by the press badge of a certain Lois Lane.

Easy and fun.  A winner in our book!

Popular Halloween Costumes for Couple

#4 Disney Princess and Prince

We loved the recent live-action movie Aladin with its unforgettable songs ‘A whole new world’ and the newer ‘speechless’.

My hubby was never much into Disney movies but this one grabbed his attention.

Probably he likes the chimp Abu or was it Jasmine? Lol.

Dressing up as the heroic Aladdin alongside his loyal Jasmine is sure to turn some heads around.

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

#5 Woody and Bo Peep

We were a bit sad watching the latest Toy Story 4 and the conclusion of the franchise which started 24 years ago. (Geez, that’s a loooong time ago.)

But I won’t spoil the ending if you haven’t watched it yet.

Dressing up as Woody and Bo Peep would make an adventurous look for both of you for this year’s Halloween.

The yellow cowboy attire for the hubby and the white pink-dotted dress for wifey will do the trick.

Now, a great addition would be Woody’s horse or Bo Peep’s three-headed sheep, that would be awesome but let’s not go there yet. Lol.


#6 Joker and Harlequin

Going back to comics-lovers, what about going all villainous and opting for the Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and the infamous Joker for this year’s Halloween?

This one requires a little bit more work to achieve an otherwise gorgeous look, especially for Harley.

Wearing a green-haired wig, fake tattoos and a splash of makeup will bring out the inner craziness of this ultimate villain.

The sexy look of Harley with the ripped shirt, net leggings and blue and pink hair extensions will be a head-turner for sure.

Gotham needs to be ready for this insane couple.

70+ Couples Halloween Costumes That Are Super Easy to Make

#7 Men in Black 

Look who’s back? The Men in Black!

The latest installment of this famous franchise came out this year for our delight.

Although my hubby and I are not Chris Hemsworth or Tessa Thompson doppelgangers, it is quite fun to wear this easy outfit, with the black tux and dark sunglasses.

If you happen to have a pug around, what about a special appearance from Frank the Pug, the MIB’s cutest agent!

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

#8 Morticia and Gomez Addams 

Getting back to some more spooky costumes, the Addams family is synonymous with spooky and morbid.

The suave look of Gomez complements the mysterious but glamorous look of Morticia Addams to make this a classic (and chic!) hit this Halloween.

If you can get hold of a mannequin hand, Gomez and Morticia will love having the ‘thing’ around them.

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

Get the look by following the tutorial here.

#8 Winnie The Pooh and Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh kept me company during my early years and this Halloween couple costume is perfect for those who are reminiscent of the more innocent and happier times back then.

This easy costume set can be quick to prepare and wear for both of you.

And if you still have your Tigger and Piglet dolls, bring them together to complete the experience. 

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

#9 Mario and Princess Peach

Super Mario heads to the rescue of Princess Peach from the evil King Bowser!

This classic Nintendo game immortalized the short but powerful Mario to rescue Princess Peach.

This is a cute addition to the superhero family of costumes this Halloween.

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

#10 Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

My hubby digs Captain America. Like a lot.

He loves the heroics of the character but wearing the tight belt costume is a bit much for him.

This Halloween costume variant is better and focuses more on the early days of Steve Rogers as the soldier with her love interest Peggy Carter in the 1940s.

A pair of classy soldier uniforms for both of you and Cap’s trusted shield to complement this First Avenger’s look.

#11 Back to the Future

‘Great Scott!’, this classic ‘Back to the Future’ costumes is perfect for Halloween.

I already imagine my hubby in the looney Doc Brown white coat and white hair wig, while I’m in Marty McFly’s shoes.

And if you have a Dolorean hanging around or coming back from the future, how awesome would that be! Lol.

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

Need more inspiration? Check out more here.

#12 Romeo and Juliet

Halloween can also not be about monsters and superheroes but expressing love through the classic Shakespeare star crossed lovers’ story of Romeo and Juliet.

These lovers’ costumes take their inspiration from the 2013 Baz Luhrmann’s movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes.

But unlike the tragic ending of the story, let’s keep the love growing for each other.

70+ Couples Halloween Costumes That Are Super Easy to Make

#13 Noah and Allie from The Notebook

Nothing means everlasting love than the pair of Noah and Allie in Nicholas Sparks’ book ‘The Notebook’ than the otherwise live-action movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

This touching story (to which we cried like.. a lot) remains one of our all-time favorites.

Recreating the look of Gosling’s Noah or McAdams’s Allie is easy but don’t forget the most important part:

The Notebook, of course. *wink*

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

#14 Victor Van Dort and Corpse Bride

Reliving the tale of 2005 Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride movie, this spooky Halloween costume for couples is absolutely stunning.

The 1800’s look of the otherwise vintage costume brings out the shyness and awkwardness of Victor.

For the Corpse Bride, Emily’s looks, wearing the blue-haired wig and blue tint skin complements the beautifully tainted wedding gown and dried flowers for a morbid and amazing look.

15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples

Check out how you can achieve this cool look by following the tutorial here.

#15 Alice and Mad Hatter

If you are thinking about Wonderland, no one is more instantly recognizable than the pair of sweet Alice with her companion, the Mad Hatter from Wonderland.

These Halloween costumes are fan-favorites and not that hard to bring to life.

Don’t forget your cuppa tea, hatter!

70+ Couples Halloween Costumes That Are Super Easy to Make

We eagerly wait for Halloween every year, as it remains an exciting and fun holiday for adults and kids alike.

We always love to hang out with new costumes during the traditional parties and watch our fav’ horror movies at night.

Although there may be hundreds of costume ideas, these are our best selection for this year’s Halloween.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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15 Popular Halloween Costumes for Couples