12 Must-Have Trending Yoga Accessories For You

Try these super cool trending yoga accessories if you're beginners. Yoga blocks, towel, knees cushions, wheels and so many things to explore. Best yoga accessorizes 2019 for beginners and advanced that you must try.

These super-cool trending yoga accessories are waiting to give you a new experience…

No doubt, for mental peace and physical fitness, yoga has taken the world by storm.

To help you reach out maximum potential, we have gathered some cool yoga accessories.

These yoga accessories will support your muscles and make you more flexible. Whether you’re new yogis or trying to advance your pose, these tools give you perfect postures experience.

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1. Yoga Mat

Of course, you need a yoga mat.

This is the first things you might be thinking before starting your yoga workouts. Since yoga contains lots of moves that need to be done while sitting, and lying down on the floor.

All these moves should be done in a precise and comfortable manner of the floor.  

That’s why yoga mat is your first necessity.

The mat should be comfortable, durable and soft, thick texture, so you can hold your postures for a longer time.

2. Yoga Pants

To make your yoga journey easy and comfortable, these high waist yoga pants are perfect.

This should be your second needed yoga accessories.

Just imagine…doing yoga but not able to stretch your body maximum because of your outfit.

A yoga outfit helps you to perform best during your session.

You must choose something very flexible, ultra stretchable, moisture wicking, and lightweight fabrics that support you to stay longer.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, try these best-suited yoga pants for women.

This fabulous, stylish, and high waist yoga paints will control your tummy and flatten it fast. 

3. Yoga Socks

These yoga socks are designed to provide better grip to your feet so you can hold pose for longer on the mat.

They prevent you from slipping.

Not only best for a yoga beginner, but also for pregnant women, older people, and for home activities to prevent floor slipping.

Its made up of natural durable combined cotton that keeps your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. Sounds awesome. Right?

They seem to manage your feet moisture more effectively.

4. Yoga Knee Pad

Simply putting your knees on the mat can injure your joints while practicing yoga.

To avoid joints pain, either you should look for a thicker yoga mat or try these soft knee pad to support your joints more comfortably.

You can place this small pad on the mat or floor and enjoy the magic support they’ll provide to your knees, elbows, and wrist.

These little pads make your yoga session more comfortable and easy.

If you’re a beginner, you must try them.

5. Yoga Blocks

For new yogis, initially, it might be difficult to balance your body in every pose.

To avoid such body tension, these yoga blocks are perfect.

This bestselling soft blocks will support you in each pose, from every side angle, or from seated pose to forward bend and beyond. 

They help you to deepen the pose, improve strength, aid balance, and flexibility.

Especially for seasoned yogis, it helps to stay longer in the advanced pose.

They provide the best support system like a yoga instructor. 

6. Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

When it comes to mediation, you should opt for a peaceful place. That can be nature, your garden, terries or balcony where fresh air blows.

Well! For mediation, I will recommend sitting on the floor to connect the earth for a few minutes.

But if you feel uncomfortable to sit on the floor, especially patients, or people having knees and joints problem. Then this comfortable, and relaxed chair is perfect to support you. 

You can place it anywhere in your home where you feel higher in energy and help you sit relaxed for longer.

So, if you want to reap the maximum benefits of yoga, this Rattan Meditation Chair is what you need for relaxing like a yogi.

7. Straps

Yoga is about to stretch your body to reach the maximum potential of the body and mind.

Straps offer great stretching benefits to beginners.

You can easily elongate your muscles around the joints to increase the range and motion to avoid injury.

These straps are designed to prevent injury, facilitates gradual and gentle stretches so you become more flexible each day.

You can practice various asana with these straps easily that you can’t even imagine as beginners.

8. Yoga Mat TowelThe demand for yoga mat towel is increasing day by day.

Doing heat yoga can make your mat sweaty and slippery. To avoid such problems, these non-slip, super absorbent, and quick dry towels are perfectly designed.

These towels provide a super hygienic layer between you and mat.

It’s good if your mat is personal.

But if you practiced yoga in a studio, then it serves great protection from other’s germs.

And you’ll never fear again to use those sweaty mats again.

9. Yoga Support Wheel

This yoga wheel is a super cool item for beginner’s yogis.

If you’re not able to practice some of the backbend poses, then this accessory can be super helpful for you.

This yoga padded wheel offers the best support system to your back, neck, side bend, and legs.

Performing waterfall pose, assisted plow pose, fish pose, peacock pose, and crescent moon pose is super easy with this.

10. Yoga Bag

Although you may practice yoga at home.

But in case, if you want to practice it outside the home like studio, garden, beach, hills or at any peaceful place, then you might need this yoga bag to carry all the necessary items.

At that time you must have this extra-large chakra bag.

11. Pure Copper Water Bottle

After intense physical activates, we become dehydrated.

To keep your body nourished and hydrated enough, you must carry a water bottle with you.

Although plain water also comes with numerous health benefits. But if you want to increase the trace mineral in water, then drink water from copper vessels. 

Drinking water from copper vessels is an ayurvedic way to purifies water naturally, increasing copper trace in our body, detoxify the system, kills bad bacteria, refresh your mouth, and higher your energy.  

It’s also believed to balance all 3 doshas and serve longevity.

So, stop drinking water from plastic bottles and try some powerful ways to boost your energy naturally.

12. Yoga Cards For Beginners

What can be best for a beginner than practicing yoga under experts?

Nothing. Right?

These 47 yoga cards are excellent to guide you step by step on “how to practice yoga as beginners”.

You can find the detailed modification and guidance on the back side of cards along with muscular, skeletal, organ and other benefits.

Along with 3 breathing exercise, a mediation card, and 5 sequences, these yoga cards serves great help to kids, beginners, and intermediate students.

This cool list is enough to make a move.

Do you like any one of these accessories? 

Grab your favorites accessories and hit the mat. 

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12 Must-Have Trending Yoga Accessories For You