10-Minute Yoga Workout Sequence For Better Sleep

10-Minute Yoga Workout Sequence For Better SleepCredit: Freepik

Induce sleep effortlessly with these 6 yoga poses…

If you’re among people who get troubled about getting good quality sleep every night? Then surely this can be the most wonderful information for you.

As we all know what can lack sleep do to our body?

Sleep deprivation can arise many health issues and can be turned into a dangerous life-threatening disease. That’s why sleep is very important to recharge your body.

Every night, your body repair at the cellular level to heal itself. It refreshes your system so you can start every morning energetically.

There are various ways you can try to improve good quality sleep but let me tell you one thing, yoga is one of the powerful tools among them.

Regular practiced of it can alleviate several ailments, including insomnia and abnormal sleeping habits.

To heal insomnia permanently, practiced these following yoga sequence to relax your muscles before sleep.

Enjoy a peaceful sleep every night!

1. Leg Up The Wall: 2-Minute

Try these powerful yoga pose to sleep effortlessly every night. Legs on the wall pose for better sleep. Credit: Freepik

This super easy yoga pose is a powerful one to induce a good night sleep fast. Its often considered as a restorative pose that relaxes your muscles deeply. It takes your body to a more restful stage.

So, practice it every night before going to bed, or in the middle of the night when your sleep is elusive.

You can also add some gentle breathing to boosts its effectiveness.

Benefits: Relieve stress, induce a good sleep, improve blood circulation, soothe swallow or cramped feet, relax in menopause, stretch the hamstring and lower back.

Breathing Tips: If you want to deepen your experience and calming effects, then focus on your breathing. Begin to take slow, and deep inhale, exhales.

Try to maintain equal breathing (length of exhale to the length of inhaling) which is known to create a balance of the flow of consciousness, smoothing fluctuations and mind into stillness.

Contradictions: Pregnant woman and people diagnosed with glaucoma, high blood pressure, or any serious problems with neck and spine should avoid or consult their doctors first.  

Easy Tip: Try not to bring the body to a fullest 90-degree angle as this can impede circulation in buttocks. Instead, you can slide your hips a few inches from the wall.

2. Cow-Cat Relaxation: 2-Minute

Cat-Cow yoga pose. one of the easiest yoga to induce a good sleep fast. Try this 10-minute yoga sequence before sleep to sleep fast at night. Treat insomnia with yoga. Credit: Popsugar

Cat-Cow is a wonderful way to gently warm up your spine and back muscles. This easy to do yoga pose anyone can practice on the bed.

This gentle body stretch relaxes your muscles, spines, and digestive organs and induces a good night sleep fast.

It also improves healthy blood circulation.

Benefits: Improve postures and balance, increase coordination, stimulate organs in the belly, relieves stress, relax your muscles, induce good quality sleep and stretch spine gently.

Breathing Tips:

Let your belly inhale while arching your back, lifting your head and tailbone at the same time. This part of the stretch called cow pose.

With exhale, round your spine up to the ceiling, pulling abs towards your spine, and simultaneously tuck your tailbone and chin in. This is known as the cat pose.

Contradictions: People with weak wrists and knees should not practice this pose. Pregnant women should consult their doctors for more guidance regarding this.

You can also try these ayurvedic ways for sleping fast. 

3. Child Pose: 2-Minute

Struggling to sleep at night? Try this 10 minutes yoga before sleep for better snozzz....Credit: Freepik

A very first pose that most people learn at the beginning of their yoga session. This simple and easy to do yoga pose has nothing to do with stretching.

You just need to bow down on your heads on the floor and rest will work automatically. The shape of this pose is extremely helpful to induce deep relaxation in your body and mind.

Apart from simplicity, it requires patience and the ability to surrender to gravity and state of nondoing.

Benefits: Super calming for the mind, improve the health of your digestive tract, open up your hips, relax your muscles and induce deep sleep.

Breathing Tips:

It’s recommended to take slow and deep breathe in yoga. As slow inhalation and exhalation forces help you to lengthen your breath.

By this elongation of breath, the vital forces of breath become narrow. The more it becomes narrow, the more it moves to your spine towards Sushumna Nadi which operate the movement of subtle energy through the body.


Patient with high blood pressure must avoid practicing this asana. Also, avoid if suffering from diarrhea or knee injury.

Easy Tips: If you find this pose difficult to place your head on the floor, then use a pillow for more comfort.

4. Winding Down Twist: 1-Minute

Try this 10-minute yoga sequence for better sleep at night. Power yoga to induce sleep fast. Most muscles relaxing yoga for sleep. Credit: Freepik

Twisting your body rewards you many health benefits apart from increasing spinal flexibility.

When you twist your torso around your spine, you compress and massage the organs of the abdomen, including all the digestive tract.

This pressure pushes the stagnant blood and toxins from your kidneys, liver, and spleen.

And when the twist is released, these organs get a fresh and new supply of blood, that stimulate digestion and metabolism. That’s why it helps to induce good sleep fast.


Increase the flexibility in the spine, shoulder, and chest, reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate abdominal organs, boost energy, quiet your mind, help detoxification and induce relaxation to sleep better at night.

Breathing Tips:

Inhale deeply while twisting and exhale while returning to the center. Repeat this process several times.


Avoid practicing this pose if you have a knee injury. People with very tight tips can find this pose difficult to practice.

So instead of doing this pose, practice a modified version until you gain flexibility.

Always work within your own limits and abilities. People having medical problems can consult their doctors.

Easy Tips:

If your hips are tight, try practicing this pose while seated on a block or on comfortable bedding. Regular practicing will help to open up your hips further and bring your spine into correct alignment.

5. Butterfly: 1-Minute

Butterfly yoga pose for better sleep at night. Try this 10-minute yoga sequence on bed to induce a good relaxing sleep every night. Yoga for sleep. Credit: Freepik

In this asana, you have to move your knees up and down as wings of a butterfly.

This simple yoga poses you can easily practice by yourself. You don’t need any yoga instructor or teacher to guide this pose.  

It relaxes your thighs, and legs muscles by giving a gentle massage. For people who used to stand all day long, it’s perfect.


Relax and stretch thighs muscles, reduce pain from long hours of walking and standing, relieve stress and tiredness, stimulate reproductive and digestive organs, alleviate discomfort and pain during menstruating, open up hips and thighs muscles, good for pregnant ladies as it helps to ease pain during natural birth.

Breathing Tips:

Inhale deeply while bringing your knees closer to the floor, exhale as you raise your knees upward. Keep this up and down motion of knees with a great harmony of breathe


Avoid if you’re suffering from a recent injury, and surgery. Or if you’re in any pre-existing medical condition then consult a doctor or yoga expert before starting.

You can also start a 30-minutes yoga session in moning to grab its incredible benefits. 

6. Corpse Pose: 2-Minute

Try this 10-minute yoga workouts sequence fr better sleep. Corpse pose for better sleep. Credit: Freepik

One of the easiest yoga poses you will love to do.

It’s also known as death pose, as it doesn’t require any physical strength and movements. It challenges your mind and body in different ways.

Emphasizing awareness and curiosity of the body’s natural breathing pattern, savasana is a great place to engage in mindful awareness without any efforts.

It’s performed at the end of the yoga session to calm down your muscles.


Relax your body, increase body awareness, calmer your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, relieve headache, and improve sleep.

Breathing Tips:

Breathe naturally to calm down.

Easy Tips:

Let Go Everything is the mantra for this pose. Relax your eyes, jaw, belly and every body parts.

Very slowly this pose will take you to the deep state of relaxation and induce better sleep fast.

More Tips to Induce a Good Night Sleep

You can also use these most helpful tips to sleep fast at night. 

  • Avoid watching horror show or television just before going to bed. it may interrupt your sleep. 
  • Listen to soft instrumental music like mantra chanting or calming music tunes before getting ready to sleep.
  • Give a gap of at least 2 hours in between your last meal and bedtime. 
  • If you had a quarrel with your partner or loved one, make sure you sort it out before sleep for a relaxed sleep. 
  • Do yoga Nidra before sleep.

Practicing yoga helps develop a healthy body and mind but still not a substitute for medicine.

Apart from this, it’s really very essential to learn yoga under the supervision of your teacher or after the consultation of doctors if you’re on medication. 

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10-Minute Yoga Workout Sequence For Better Sleep